Historical Society of Battle Creek
The Historical Society of Battle Creek's (HSBC) mission is to collect, preserve, and share Battle Creek history. Our vision is a community united with its past and proudly celebrating its collective heritage.
Our annual projects include:
Operating the Kimball House Museum
Maintaining the Archives of HSBC
Hosting the Strawberry Festival
Holding a Victorian Tea
and many more!
For information about Battle Creek history, (Archives) contact archives@hsbcmi.org
To arrange tours or events at the Kimball House, contact museum@hsbcmi.org
For questions regarding your membership, contact membership@hsbcmi.org
For disputed charges, contact treasurer@hsbcmi.org
For website questions or general inquiry, contact info@hsbcmi.org
Front row L-R: Donna Rickman, Jody Owens, Mac McCollough, Ed Jenkins, Marily Stobel
Back row L-R: Linda Hyslop, Todd Greenman, David Nielsen, Alexander Bacik, Bill White,
Charles Rose,Becky Brutsche, Doug Sturdivant, Sarah Reed
Missing: Sandy Calderone, Carol Bennett, Jim Jackson

Operating Year: September 2023 - August 2024

President: Bill White
Vice President-Administration: Donna Rickman
Secretary: Jody Owens
Treasurer: Sarah Reid
President Emeritus: Rebecca Brutsche
Board Members
Board of Directors: Carol Bennett
Board of Directors: Sandra Calderone
Board of Directors: Todd Greenman
Board of Directors: Jody Owens
Board of Directors: Michael McCollough
Board of Directors: Douglas Sturdivant
Membership: Rebecca Brutsche
Publicity: Marilyn Strobel
Sojourner Truth Institute: Donna Rickman
Website: Jim Jackson
Archives Staff and Volunteers
Volunteer: Mike Nelson
Volunteer: Jody Owens
Volunteer: Judy Parrish
Volunteer: Donna Rickman
Kimball House Volunteers
Volunteer: Bill White
Volunteer: Rebecca Brutsche
Volunteer: Steve Cody
Volunteer: Donna Rickman
Volunteer: Laura Sherman
Volunteer: Kathy Wood

Meeting Info

Programs are generally held the first and third Sunday of the month, May through December, at the Kimball House, 196 Capital Ave. NE, Battle Creek, MI
See the Calendar of Events for more information.