Historical Society of Battle Creek
The Historical Society of Battle Creek's (HSBC) mission is to collect, preserve, and share Battle Creek history. Our vision is a community united with its past
and proudly celebrating its collective heritage.
Our projects include:
Operating the Kimball House Museum
Maintaining the Archives of HSBC
Hosting the Strawberry Festival
Holding a Victorian Tea
and many more!

Operating Year: July 2018 - June 2019

President: Rebecca Brutsche
Vice President-Administration: David Nielsen
Vice President-Kimball House: Bill White
Secretary: Jody Owens
Treasurer: Sarah Reid
President Emeritus: Charles Rose
Board Members
Board of Directors: Carol Bennett
Board of Directors: Sandra Calderone
Board of Directors: Todd Greenman
Board of Directors: Brenda Leyndyke
Board of Directors: Michael McCollough
Board of Directors: Douglas Sturdivant
Membership: Rebecca Brutsche
Membership: Kassie Dunham
Publicity: Marilyn Strobel
Sojourner Truth Institute: Vivian Laws-Ritter
Sojourner Truth Institute: Betty Moorehead
Sojourner Truth Institute: Donna Rickman
Sojourner Truth Institute: Shirley Tuggle
Website: Jim Jackson
Archives Staff and Volunteers
Archivist Emerita: Mary Butler
Volunteer: Vacant
Volunteer: Kassie Dunham
Volunteer: Vacant
Volunteer: Donna Rickman
Volunteer: Vacant
Volunteer: Jody Owens
Kimball House Volunteers
Volunteer: Rebecca Brutsche
Volunteer: Bill White
Volunteer: Donna Rickman
Volunteer: Vacant
Volunteer: Sarah Reid

Meeting Info

Our meetings are held the first Sunday of the month, September through June, at the Kimball House.
See the Calendar of Events for more information.